F20C S2000
For the renowned F20C engine, famously housed in the S2000, we've expanded our product line to cater specifically to its high-revving nature. With a global community of passionate S2000 enthusiasts, we understand the demands placed on these engines, especially in high-performance scenarios such as track days or prolonged spirited drives. That's why, here at TODA RACING has developed a slightly more conservative and mild specification piston for use during engine overhauls. By incorporating just a subtle boost in compression ratio over stock specifications, our goal is to alleviate strain on engine components, thus enhancing engine longevity. For enthusiasts in pursuit of peak performance, we continue to provide our classic High Comp and Ultra High Comp variants. But for drivers prioritizing durability without sacrificing performance, our latest offering is definitely worth considering. Elevate your S2000's performance and reliability with TODA RACING's latest engine upgrade options. Because when it comes to pushing boundaries on the track or enjoying spirited drives on the open road, every detail counts.
F20C Engine O/H Piston KIT

Engine Type

Part No. 13020-F20-G00
Price (set) ¥145,000
Bore ø87.50mm
Displacement 2020cc
Crown Volume *1 6.1cc/12.1cc
Projection Height *2 +1.0mm
Reference C/R *3 ξ≒11.8 :1
*1:Crown volume is measured "from the piston shoulder"/"from the deck of the block".
*2:Piston shoulder height is measured from the deck of the block.
*3:The compression ratios given above are only to be taken as a guide (when standard t=0.6mm head gasket is used), measurements are required.