TODA Racing offers various services like modeling, analysis, machining, carbon manufacturing , and assembling. Designing, custom order, and trial manufacturing for camshafts, pistons, and connecting-rods, and research and development for combustion efficiency, reducing fuel consumption, and lowing emissions and more are also available. TODA Racing will be always at your service as your own "factory". Not only for automobile industry, we also handle various requests for other fields.

*Please check here for the detail of engine tuning service.

Our power of development is supported with leading-edge design, manufacturing, and analysis systems like "CATIA", 3D CAD/CAM/CAE. However we are not only counting on those high technology systems, our designers have deep and wide knowledge of motor sports and sometimes verify our products in real racing fields. In other words, not only using information of theoretical intensity and durability by computers, we jump into real racing fields and design more practical products.
Performance and durability are perfectly tested using our engine dynamo and damper tester for all prototypes. As for racing engines and dampers, we bring them into real racing fields and verify the quality. High quality and performance prototypes which passed those several test only becomes our products.
Most of our manufacturing staff has an experience as engine tuner, designer, driver, or racing staff. We are also able to offer a improvement suggestion supposing actual use. Not only using NC lathes and 5 axis machining centers in manufacturing, we can also offer professional service using milling cutters and sheet cutting machines which needs deep skill of engine tuning.
Motor race is not simply "motor sport". It has been leading automobile industries with technical innovation. The technology and knowhow has so much possibility and can be diverted to other fields. With using 3D-CAD, we can conduct through process from designing to assembling and development, which let us to challenge into precision machinery, aircraft parts, and other industries.


We offer leading-edge modeling service with CATIA. Not only for automobile industry, we also handle requests for other fields. Even if you do not have technical drawing, we would support as much as possible. Please feel free to contact us.

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Various analysis such as mechanism analysis (Kinematics), stress analysis (CAE), thermo-fluid analysis (CFD) are available. It is able to simulate on a computer base on product materials and other various data that could be possible effects. You can easily check the movement and stress for products on a screen.

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We handle many kinds of machining requests for various industries with advanced machines like 5 axis machining centers, NC lathes, etc.

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5-axis machining

CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) is a complex material of carbon fiber and thermoset resin, and it has been used in various industries such as airline, space, motor sports, medical, and other industries. Please feel free to inquiry about carbon manufacturing.

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We make electric harnesses to order with aircraft couplers and lightweight wires. Our experienced staff would handle many kinds of request.

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Various measuring machines such as 3D measuring, surface roughness, hardness measuring machines are used in inspection to check the quality. We offer high accurate inspection service which has been meet demands in motor sport industry.


We offer professional operation by experts with technical skills and knowhow acquired in motor sport experiences. We also could make improvement proposal as well as assembling.

*Please check here for the detail of engine tuning service.
Bench Test/Engine Development

Testing is the final stage of manufacturing. We exhaustively verify the performance with engine dynamo, damper tester, and other testing machines. Request of engine dynamo only can be responded.

Test Drive

For products that customers ask for a test drive or we evaluate it is necessary, we install them to a vehicle and check the performance with the same use conditions in a closed circuit.

Entries into the building and computers are all secured by high security system, and we take every precaution for a preservation of confidentiality.